Welcome to jimmycampbell.net

Hello and welcome to jimmycampbell.net

One of my main interests in life is motivation, success, and how we go about achieving our dreams. Success to me is the ability to make a living, doing what you love to do, anywhere in the world. That’s what I see as real freedom.

A few years ago I wrote a short book called Think Believe Succeed, which is available from amazon.com in Kindle or paperback editions. The book is a motivational and success oriented book that describes how to be successful in realizing your dreams.

Since early 2014 I’ve been earning a living as an independent financial trader. Trading can be difficult however, and it isn’t always a reliable income, so I also do odd jobs and other part time work. In addition I’m a commercial helicopter pilot performing casual charter work.

This year 2015 I’m planning to write an eBook and create a website about trading the financial markets.

I hope you enjoy “Think Believe Succeed” and these pages. All the best and may we all be successful in achieving our dreams.

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