Seven Secrets – How to Succeed by Jimmy Campbell

Seven Secrets is a motivational and success oriented book that describes how to achieve your dreams. It’s written in a short and easy to read style, and is filled with inspiration from some of history’s greatest teachers and most inspiring leaders. It’s a glossy colour coffee table style of book that you can pick up and read cover to cover in about 30 to 60 minutes, any time you need an inspirational boost.

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Jimmy Campbell, author of Seven Secrets – How to Succeed

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About Seven Secrets

My inspiration to write this book came from a desire to improve my own life and from not being sure how to go about it. I wanted to believe that I could succeed in doing things that seemed impossible for me such as flying helicopters and quitting smoking, but I wasn’t sure how to start. My grandfather was an adventurer in life which inspired me to take more risks, I always wanted to be more like him. My father taught me that the answer to anything you want to know can be found in books, so I decided to start reading success oriented books. My book is really just a summary of all that I’ve read and learned in life that I think works.

Seven Secrets will appeal to readers because it’s quick and easy to read, powerful and to the point. The book is uplifting and motivational, and it provides you with the inspiration to move forwards and achieve your dreams.

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